Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Interview with Christina Samuels

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Melinda chats with Christina Samuels, Education Week Special Ed Reporter.

Since 2004, Christina Samuels has been covering special education and student health for Education Week . She also is the author of "On Special Education," a blog that follows the world of disabilities and giftedness and how they intersect with schools.
Before joining the staff of Education Week, she was a reporter for the Washington Post, covering a fast-growing school district in Northern Virginia.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teach Your Children Well

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Join Melinda and guests Rich Weinfeld and Michelle Davis
Wednesday May 21

Life-long educators, authors and special needs advocates, Rich Weinfeld and Michelle Davis started an internet radio talk show six weeks ago. Teach Your Children Well: Hot Topics in Education on Voice of America debuted April 16, 2008. Believing that all children learn, RIch and Michelle hope to share advocacy strategies with parents and teachers. Rich and Michelle bring years of experience as educators, administrators, and graduate level instructors.

Michelle and Rich direct the Special Needs Advocacy Training Institute based on their book, Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book: What You Can Do Now to Advocate for Your Exceptional Child’s Education.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reader Blog Learning Connections: Insights on ADHD/LD

Check out my new Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reader Blog Learning Connections: Insights on ADHD/LD

What's up in the field of education and learning? I will post interviews with innovators from education, science, learning disabilities, ADHD, and technology. The focus will be on how to create successful environments for all learners.

Talk with Ira Socol

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Our conversation continues with author and special education technology scholar Ira Socol.

Ira questions how we test students to decide whether or not to deliver AT and other services in his personal and provocative posts. He shares a wealth of information on useful technologies to open up access to print for all students. Check out Ira's posts at SpeEdChange

For any parent or student concerned that using voice dictation software might inhibit expression, Ira shows how text-to-speech and speech-to-text software gets his ideas out!

For an overview of web 2.0 tools, check out Whitney's Education 2.0 presentation. Whitney Hoffman hosts
LD Podcast Check her site for weekly informative shows, produced by parents of children with LD for parents of children with LD.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ira David Socol & Universal Design Technology

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Podcast: Ira David Socol Interview with Melinda. May 9, 2008

Join LD Live! host Melinda Pongrey and special guest,
Ira David Socol
Friday, May 9 at 9 am PDT

In his blog, SpeEdChange Ira Socol writes powerfully from his experiences with the education system. A Special Education Technology Scholar at Michigan State University, Ira presents workshops on how to create access to classroom materials and every school, parent, and student need to read his article, "Toolbelt for the Lifespan: Learning How to Learn Assistive Technology"

You can't really claim to be educating all of your students if academic (and school life) materials are not all accessible. So write your plan down, and get yourself started. - Ira Socol

An author, Ira has two published books of fiction. His recent book, The Drool Room, is written from the point of view of a young man who doesn't mesh with the school system.

Bring your questions!

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Warm-up interview with Jack Olmsted and Ira. May 8, 2008

Kevin Honeycutt : Art, Technology & Learning

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An interview with Kevin Honeycutt!
Friday 9:30 AM PDT

CHECK THIS OUT! In our conversation, Kevin notes that students and teachers can download Google Sketch Up for FREE! and enjoy experimenting with a 3-D drafting tool! Melinda

Kevin Honeycutt travels the country helping teachers "get comfortable with the technology tools their kids need for success in the future."

Driving around the country consulting with cutting edge schools, Kevin shares his latest thoughts on how to change education in his podcast
Driving Questions in Education.

His website is full of resources, including "Art Snacks" -short video drawing lessons you can use with your hand's on students to engage their interest in science, social studies, writing...across the curriculum.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Live with Maria Kelley, OTR / L

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Podcast: Friday May 2, 2008

Join Melinda Pongrey and special guest, Maria Kelley, OTR/L Assistive Technology Specialist from the Washington Assistive Technology Act Program or WATAP. Each state has created an Assistive Technology Resource Center. Find out about WATAP and the services available, as well as partner programs.

Maria Kelley, OTR/L Assistive Technology Specialist from WATAP demonstrates Dragon Naturally Speaking for Jacob.

WATAP serves Washington residents of all ages with disabilities of all types, their families, employers, and employment service providers, educators, health care and social service providers, and others seeking information about assistive technology (AT) and assessible information technology.