Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lisa's Lingo

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Lisa Parisi is a fifth-grade teacher and educational innovator in inclusion classrooms.
Check out her thoughts at Lisa's Lingo

Lisa writes about her Successful Inclusive Classroom and I enjoyed speaking with her about how she sets up a classroom to work for a roomful of learning diversity. I posted a link to her site from Learning Connections---
check out the comments, too!

Lisa notes four maxims in setting up a truly inclusive classroom for success ---

Do not separate the children. They should not stand out for being classified. Remember: inclusion means to be included, not separated.

#2: Don't hide special needs. Point out that we all need assistance at times. Make it available to everyone

#3: Mix the teachers up and allow students to choose their style of learning.

#4: Keep students in the classroom as much as possible. Eliminate as many pull-outs as you can.

She uses lots of technology in her classroom. Lisa's students all have their own blog pages
and Lisa posts videos on ustream

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Thanks, Lisa!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Article: Disabled and Driven

"People with LD are very smart because we
constantly have to figure out a different way"

Individuals with learning disabilities face daily challenges
even after leaving school.

Learning Disabilities may stem from differences in how an individual gains information - listening, reading, picking up on social cues, and/or differences in how information is sorted and remembered- affecting sequencing, comprehension, and memory, and/or differences in output - speaking, writing, coordination.

If you haven't read Disabled and Driven, check it out!

The man looked at his middle-aged employee incredulously.

She could not immediately complete a project and would need more time, she told her boss, because she is learning disabled.

"No you're not," he responded.

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