Monday, March 3, 2008

Interview with Glen Eden Institute Directors

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Dr. Rick Brennan, Director of Glen Eden Institute in Vancouver, Canada, started this unique therapeutic educational program in 1984 after observing a need for highly complex students to have a scientifically based program that could offer education within a physiologically monitored context. Impressed with the results of the program developed by Dr. Brennan, Dr. Ron Seifert, collaborated to open another school in Poulsbo, Washington in January 2000.

Frederick (Rick) Vincent Brennan, Ph.D., earned his degree in developmental psychology from University of British Columbia and Alvin Ronald (Ron) Seifert, Ph.D., earned his degree in physiological psychology from University of Tennessee (Knoxville campus March 1975)

The mission of the Glen Eden Institute is to maximize the potential of Youth With Complex Needs by providing individualized, comprehensive programs that combine clinical and educational services for each student and their family. The school serves students in small groups who may have multiple diagnosis, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc. Students with more severe diagnosis who may have multiple diagnosis, including Pervasive Developmental Disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourettes, epilepsy or a genetic disorder, may be served in one-on-one settings.

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