Monday, April 21, 2008

Interview with Jonathan Mooney

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Melinda Pongrey talks to Author, Speaker, Innovator, Jonathan Mooney as he reaches into his past experiences growing up as a student with labels of dyslexia and ADHD and tells it like it is! He shows us the gifts inherent in re-framing LD as part of a continuum of learning diversity. Challenging the concept of "normalcy," Jon lays out LD/ADHD as a civil rights issue, pushing us away from our present special education model toward reforming our whole educational system.

Show Notes:

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Anonymous said...

I just finished reading "the short bus", it was great. Mooney's short explainations of LD's, ADHD, Mental Redardation, Autism, etc. were far better than studying each disability for years! I especially enjoyed his explaination of PDDNOS (sorry, you have to read the book). Also, I never knew about "The Burning Man".
Jonathan, thanks for the entertainment and enlighment!