Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LD Online: Dyslexia and High School

LD Online reprinted Melinda's article from her Seattle PI Reader Blog, Learning Connections.

Last week I visited a local high school to observe a freshman. Even though the end of school is near, I wanted to see first-hand how the teachers were implementing accommodations and modifications for his severe dyslexia.

Before school began in the fall, I had met with this student twice a week to build his reading, writing and study skills. He began the year rating school as a "-1" on a one-to-ten scale. By mid-winter, he had moved his self-assessment of school to a "10." Since then he had become increasingly discouraged. Finally I realized that I better get a first-hand look at what was going on in his classes.

So, his teacher kindly let me sit in the back of the class. I spent the hour noting the tasks that he was asked to complete along with the other students in his literature class. Read More

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Lon said...

This is excellent. I will refer teachers to this article. It is right-on and so true. It is amazing what teachers will expect students to do without remembering to modify or accommodate. Great stuff!