Friday, November 21, 2008

Building an AT Gift Idea List for the Holiday Season

How is your budget looking with the holidays coming up? I have been watching the Today and Good Morning America variety of shows and they are already giving us tips on how to cut holiday costs and do more family activities. Christmas, Hanukkah and other seasonal celebrations might look a little different this year. I was listening to an economic forecaster a month ago as he shared opinions on the free-fall economy and the path he thinks we are really headed. He said, "This Christmas will go down as the worst Christmas since the great depression."
Coming from my own personal level, I don't believe we can have a "worst" Christmas because Christmas to me has never been about how much money I do or don't have. There are many wonderful aspects to the holiday season that go way beyond the shopping statistics that have all our merchants worrying. As I shared yesterday, there are many families that have special needs and disabled members who could use some great ideas for low cost and effective assistive technology gifts that can make the season bright and be very useful at the same time.
What do you use or what have you adapted that has really meant a lot to you or could be a potential great find for someone else as a holiday gift this year? I am calling for submissions on the AT Blog Carnival, but I realize that many of our readers don't have a blog and therefore don't have anything to submit. So here's your opportunity!
Share Your AT Gift Ideas:
How about a post or an email? Just send me an item or a link or your explanation and I will add it to my idea list - "Santa's list" for folks to check into. Maybe we can get a great list going over the next 4 weeks. As ideas come in, I will start a list on my sidebar and put it on my website main page as well.
This seems like maybe it would take an extra minute - but it would really help me with some ideas and will benefit all of us to see what folks come up with. Who knows, maybe your idea or suggestion would be the gift that makes a difference for someone this year.
Send ideas to me at: or you can post a comment below. You can check my sidebar for the holiday gift idea list and see what grows there. If it is empty - maybe you need to put something there! Also, look for the AT Blog Carnival up on December 15th with Christmas ideas submitted from AT blog writers .
All the best to you!
Lon Thornburg is an assistive technology specialist and professional development trainer who lives in Oregon and serves 12 districts in 7 counties. He hosts the No Limits 2 Learning Blog and The No Limits 2 Learning Live Talk Show on Blog Talk Radio. He is sharing as a contributing writer on LD LIVE!

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