Friday, January 30, 2009

DAISY Pipeline SOftware Provides Free Text to Speech Conversion

"I have a university class starting next week and have scanned my textbook into Word and used the "Save As DAISY " plug in to convert it all. I can't seem to figure out what to do from there to get it finished. Can you help me?"
I had this question from the UK this week (I am paraphrasing it a little). The question came from a student with Dyslexia who is not able to qualify for the files she needs and needed to get this text converted ASAP.
I had done a series of posts last June '08 on Converting Text with DAISY where some great advice was shared by DAISY Consortium developer Romain Deltour. I had meant to use his information to do a tutorial with steps for this process and never got around to it. Now with this question, I had a reason to get something organized, written and available.
I would like to get it perfected as a more visual tutorial and maybe a video one down the road, but for now, I have created a free pdf with links to the tool downloads and the steps start to finish from the Word text to an Mp3, wav or DTB 2.02 file that will play in DTB players and on Windows Media Player, iTunes, Quicktime Player, etc.
You can access the tutorial on my NL2L website at the bottom of the Training page at this link.
Here is also a helpful link to DAISY Consortium with all their conversion tools.

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