Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break and 5 Minutes for Special Needs this Week

Spring break is here and I am taking a week off with my family on vacation in Colorado. I plugged in my laptop this morning and got a blue screen of death. Fortunately I have my computer backed up, but I am using my wife's laptop to write this post tonight.
Once back to work next week, I can turn my computer in to our wonderful tech guy and get it checked, but for this week I am a little stranded. Maybe I am being told I need to take some time off!
Patrick Black has taken the AT Blog Carnival on for April and I already have my article posted and ready for 5 Minutes for Special Needs for this Thursday - check out a post there on Power of the Positive in Advocacy. I am in good shape...
I know quite a few of you were at CSUN and I hope you found some great new products and picked up some good tips and information.
We have a couple of talk radio shows in the works for April (don't want to release who or what yet) and I have been working on a matrix of pros and cons to free print disability tools that I am getting ready to share. I have some challenging projects in the works with different initiatives from an AAC project to switch activated launch pads for rockets in May - so many ideas and so little time!
If you have a spring vacation break this week, take some time and enjoy. I will be posting some this week - but will be taking a little time off in there as well.
All the best to you!

Lon Thornburg is a contributing writer who has the No Limits to Learning Blog, No Limits 2 and edits the Assistive Technology Blog Carnival.


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