Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Notescribe Now has More Power in Premium Version

Creating a data base with custom tags and references for your research just got a shot of steroids. Higher Symmetry, creator of Notescribe, the searchable, custom data base software has just released a new premium version.
The original version allowed the user to create one data base with various categories. The new Premium version allows the user to create as many seperate data bases as they want. There are other features as well, but based on my conversations with Jeff, that seemed to be the main feature of the premium release.
Now you can have a data base for recipes, a data base for movies, a data base for science topics, etc. and do it all with a very user-friendly interface. I am excited to say that the company has been working on a way to allow a text to speech engine work with the program so those with visual impairments can hear their notes. I have to commend them for this. They stepped up to the plate and have put some energy and time into this development. I feel good about supporting a company that is willing to listen and work on accessibility features at folks' request. Thanks Jeff!
I do a lot of searches online where I find and copy text for notes off onto Word documents. With Notescribe I can do the same copy/paste, but put it in a searchable system for retrieval and have my sources listed as well. It takes the same amount of time, but now instead of folders full of Word docs, I have one system and it is searchable by keywords I build in.
I interviewed Jeff Sholl, the CEO of Higher Symmetry Software and creator of Notescribe a while back with a segment "Organizing Your World with Notescribe". He had mentioned that a new premium package was coming. He also said that anyone who has purchased the original Notescribe can upgrade to the new for the difference in price. This is a great tool and the basic and premium versions are available in a trial download for free. If you already have the basic version, you can trial the premium add on for a 10 days to do a test drive. The cost to upgrade from basic is just $15.
I have a big day today at our Children's Rodeo for Special Needs Kids. I will be getting some great interviews and stories to share, so stay connected for results of that. I have several other items of interest that I will be sharing later this week as well. I Hope you have a great Wednesday!

All the best to you!

Lon Thornburg is an assistive technology specialist and professional development trainer who lives in Oregon and serves 12 districts in 7 counties. He hosts the No Limits 2 Learning Blog and The No Limits 2 Learning Live Talk Show on Blog Talk Radio. He is sharing as a contributing writer on LD LIVE!

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