Monday, October 27, 2008

Have a Mad Scientist Halloween Classroom Party Using AT

It is officially Halloween Week! I have several posts to share with a Halloween theme this week as well as the release of our AT Blog Carnival Mad Scientist Edition coming out this Friday and a new No Limits 2 Learning Live Blog Talk Radio interview.The mad scientist in me is having too much fun.I hosted a weekend party up on our mountain this past weekend and the dinner Saturday night was a Thai meal. I dressed up in my asylum shirt, fake tattoo arms and hockey mask to serve the dinner.

Late Saturday night, I went to work on this month's Assistive Technology Blog Carnival and found an email submission from Alicia Odom, author of smdteacher blog. She had so many good ideas, I couldn't wait until Halloween day to post her link on the AT Blog Carnival, so I am linking it below so you can get some ideas from it. Maybe you can use something for your classroom party this week.
Mad Scientist Halloween Party
I love her games. integration of AT devices and supports. Thanks Alicia!

Make sure to check out the Assistive Technology Blog Carnival Mad Scientist Edition on Halloween Day. We have more from Alicia and others on creative uses for AT. There will also be some video clips on mad scientists, links to student activities in science and some other surprises. It's not too late for YOU to submit something either!
Submit to

Tomorrow I will be sharing how to adapt some fun Halloween battery-operated toys for the orthopedically impaired and some cause and effect fun. My guests for my talk show are starting to line up again after a brief hiatus to get my fall school schedule up and running. I made lots of contacts at Closing the Gap for interviews. DAISY Consortium is working with me on an interview possibly this Wednesday for No Limits 2 Learning Live - I will know soon and you can check back on Wednesday morning to see if it is happening in the afternoon that day or not.
More details to follow...Happy Halloween Everyone!

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