Thursday, February 7, 2008

Interview: Domenic Greco, Ph.D.- Smart Brain Games

Domenic Greco, Ph.D., CEO Smart Brain Games, has been in the business of delivering Biofeedback services, both peripheral and EEG NeuroTherapy since 1982. He has successfully developed and operated treatment centers specializing in Biofeedback for stress related disorders, and EEG NeuroTherapy for ADHD on both the East and West coasts. Dr. Greco is an innovator in the ADHD field and has operated some of the largest ADHD, EEG NeuroTherapy centers in the country. He has lectured nationally and appeared before NIMH as an expert in EEG NeuroTherapy. Read More

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Video Game Therapy Improves Attention and Intelligence
Just five days of training with a special video game improves young children's attention, and it makes the biggest difference for those with attention deficits. It also improved one aspect of intelligence. Watch Video

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