Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LDA Interview: Maureen Swanson

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Maureen Swanson, LDA Healthy Child Project Coordinator. Maureen gives an overview of how LDA’s state affiliates are getting involved in the effort to safeguard children’s developmental health.

She describes the medical and environmental workshops and sessions that will be presented at the national conference. Find out how you can get involved in making your life less toxic as well as how you can get involved in promoting legislation at your state level to safeguard our children's health. Bring your items to the Healthy Child Project Booth for lead testing Wednesday evening!

There will be many opportunities at the 2008 LDA Conference to learn how toxic chemicals such as pesticides, lead, mercury and flame retardants can harm brain development, leading to learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Find out how you can get involved to help safeguard children’s health by reducing exposures to toxic chemicals at home, school and play. (Conference Highlights Include)

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